Sometimes it happens that a kitten all of a sudden loses all its fur and you might find yourself puzzled, what happened, why, is something wrong?

Just relax, this happens in 1 out of 25 kittens (give or take and theoretically), normally it happens around 3-8 weeks of age. 

Why this happens is not completely clear, some kind of "fever coat" is suggested, but in my experience, this happens most of the time with kittens who are being supplement fed.
I do not want to point out any specific brand here since it seems like this might happen from time to time with different brands, earlier I thought one specific brand was causing more than others. But it seems like it's not that way anymore, so let's leave the brands out.

The fur will grow back and the kitten will be just fine, this will not impact the kitten at all normally it's back to more or less normal fur at 12 weeks of age.
As an adult, you will not see any trace of its baldness as a kitten.

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Here are a couple of more kittens of other breeds.



By: Malin Sundqvist