Before we move on with the rest, I think it's important to have a very short basic review of dominant and recessive predispositions.

Dominant resp. Recessive

Traits are inherited in pairs and kittens will then inherit one of these from their mother and one of these from their father. Keep this in mind and go back to this article if it gets messy. I will try visually to show, trait by trait, so that it will be easier for you to see it in front of you, in all articles and for all traits. I will also state from the start whether it is a dominant or recessive predisposition.

Dominant traits:
Must be seen in one of the parents in order to be passed on and can therefore not be carried hidden.
For the dominant traits, this means that ONE set of the trait is enough for it to be visible.
However, remember that besides being a dominant trait, different traits can be dominant over each other, but you will learn about that later.

Recessive traits:

Can be carried hidden, in order for a recessive gene to be visible to the outside world, it is required that the cat has the trait in a double edition. So one edition is not enough for you to see the trait. A recessive trait can be carried hidden for all eternity before it suddenly reappears.


By: Malin Sundqvist
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