How to test for HD with the Health program

Talk to your regular veterinarian and make an appointment for a digital X-ray of the hips and - unless it has already been done - to microchip or tattoo the cat for a permanent ID. If your clinic does not have the necessary equipment, they will be able to refer you to a colleague who has. You can also prepare your veterinarian in advance so that they know how to handle everything, it's really not much. They must register an account, this is done in literally less than 5 minutes. Before the X-ray is done the form is to be signed and the ID checked.
After the X-rays are done the veterinarian will log on to their account and upload the form and the picture. Then you just have to wait for the answer from the evaluator.
Information for the veterinarian


You can test your cat as soon as the cat is at least 10 months of age in order to get a certified result. You will receive a preliminary result when the radiographs are taken before 10 months of age. Preliminary results will be registered in the health program with a note saying it is a preliminary result.


  1. Make sure the cat's pedigree is already registered in the pedigree database of PawPeds, by sending it to one of your breeds database maintainers
  2. If your cat has not received an ID with a microchip or tattoo, you must have that done either during the same visit or before
    • The radiograph must be identified with either microchip or a tattoo number and the veterinarian must check the identification of the cat
    • This is necessary in order to receive a certified result
  3. Go to HealthWeb system (
    • Register an account if you do not have one yet if you already have an account just log in.
    • Add your cat by clicking on the "New FHD Examination"
    • Fill in all the fields about the cat and save.
  4. Print the form out and sign it
    • When you clicked save above you will see a list of your cats/our cat.
    • Download the form, by a click on "Download form"
    • Print out the form and sign it, the signed form must be brought to your appointment, together with the pedigree of the cat.
  5.  Pay the fee for the evaluation of the radiographs (make sure to do this directly, since the evaluation will not be done until the payment is registered).
    • See payment details below
    • The payment should be made in advance before you test the cat
    • Note that our evaluator will not see the radiographs until the payment is registered in the system

You Must Bring the Following to the Veterinary Appointment

  • The correct form for HD testing that was generated in the HealthWeb (duly filled in and signed)
    • Very important so that the veterinarian will know how to send in the form and the radiographs
    • Also, bring the information for the veterinarian that is included in the pdf with the form in case they do not know the procedure for this health program
  • Proof of identity of the cat like a pedigree with the id number
    • Some countries have official health passports, vaccination booklets, and confirmation of the microchip or tattoo that can be used to verify the identity of the cat

What Happens Next

  • The veterinarian submits the radiographs together with the original form in the HealthWeb
  • Our evaluator will assess the received radiographs approximately every 2 to 3 weeks
  • You will have the result sent to you by e-mail
  • PawPeds will first show "Result registered but not public yet" and after 60 days the actual result will be shown instead. The reason is to give owners time to tell about possible bad results for those who might need to know so that no one would find out through the webpage.
  • All results are publicly available per breed on the Health Data Download page and for some breeds, the results are also presented in the pedigree database
  • Explanation of the different statuses in the Health web!


Payment for the Evaluation

For up to day payment info and prices go to PawPeds (



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the contact persons for the health program! You can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What does the status mean?

Here is a list of the statuses that you might see, the one in bold is the one you most likely will come in contact with or see.

  • Started - This is the first status when you created the case.
  • Form uploaded - Your veterinarian uploaded your picture.
  • Image uploading ongoing - Uploading of pictures are ongoing or is partially done.
  • Returned to vet for completion - Elisabeth sent the case back to the veterinarian for completions.
    (Both veterinarian and owner shall get an email including Elisabeths message)
  • Sent in for evaluation - The veterinarian marked that the upload of the x-ray is done The files will go to Elisabeth when payment is received.
  • Returned case sent again for evaluation - A case sent back for completion is now back for Elisabeth to check again.
  • Evaluation ongoing - Elisabeth is doing the reading, will only show if she cannot finish the assessment right away for some reason.
  • Evaluation done - Elisabeth is done with the evaluation, but still not printed the document she is signing.
  • Ready for registration - The evaluation has arrived at the registrator to be registered.
  • Registration ongoing - The registrator is managing the registration
    (Will only be shown if something needs to be checked before the registration can be finished).
  • Result registered - The result is registered and results are sent out by mail.