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Foundation: F2
Color: Calico (f 09)
From: Lake Superior, Eastern Canada

Lake Superior, Eastern Canada: Efren means “fruitful” in Hebrew. She is a precious little jewel from another trip around Lake Superior. I adopted Efren from a private, rural home, a few hundred kilometres away from where I found Joy.  She came from a healthy, repeat litter of 4. Efren has amazing colouring, fairly nice coat quality, a long, square muzzle, decent size and a quiet, uncomplicated  demeanour. I was able to meet and photograph both her parents and a sister from a previous litter. Everyone of them appeared to be very affectionate. I do not like Efren’s head shape, ear set and some other goodies yet, but all this can be fixed along the way, up to F4 or F5. I was admittedly not ultra thrilled about the ticked ghost pattern Efren is passing on to her kittens but since this pattern is commonly observed in domestic and wild cats and also now accepted in our breed standard, I’ve since decided to be excited about this unique trait. Efren had all 50 genes with Optimal Selection negative and her diversity is a whooping 40 %! Hips were rated “excellent”. HCM/PKD test negative in 2021, to be repeated in a couple of years. I kept two of Efren’s kittens from one of my pedigreed males and will be continuing her lines through them.