Masterweaver All Things Created PP, MW 4WD

[Picture] [Pedigree]
Nickname: Coyote
Foundation: F2
Color: Tortie (f)
From: Manitoba, Canada

Manitoba, Canada: Coyote is my absolute favorite! I named Coyote after her mother “Coyote PP of Masterweaver”, just after receiving reports from the farmer that cats on his farm kept disappearing that particular year. Kittens left the barn loft and were nowhere to be seen within days. Gone! Adults gone! At first, farmer George suspected them of being taken by large birds, called fishers. Then later in the year, a group of hungry coyotes was suspected to be the guilty predators. Then strangely, cats disappeared and then some of them reappeared later on. So George wasn’t quite sure about anything anymore but, being not only a farmer but a true cat lover, he decided to buy himself a big Pyrenees Mountain dog. Why am I saying this? After my initial visit in June, George was kind enough to keep a kitten from one of the litters,  lil’ “Coyote”,  in his bathroom. He held her especially for me (!), until I was able to pick her up. He did this to prevent her from becoming “Coyote bag lunch” (his words). Coyote was the cutest little pumpkin. Surprisingly, she was also free of parasites. In fact, all cats were which is super uncommon on farms, especially farms with pigeons in the loft!! What I did notice was that her and one of the siblings had a pretty bad chest infection that needed immediate attention. So I gave George some meds for the little brother and some of his other kittens and took Coyote home. Even though I often keep foundation cats for up to a year, to determine whether or not they are good enough, it was decided very early on that Coyote had the potential to become the main building block for a new Canadian foundation line. Coyote is not quite Maine Coon girl size but currently weighs about 10-11 pounds which is really great for a foundation cat. I love her heft and substance and adore her overall facial expression. She has a boxy muzzle, a decent chin, a great profile, and a proper ear set. We’ll just have to glue some ear (not lash) extensions on her, lengthen her body, legs and tail a bit, and breed in a better coat. Tell those people who say foundation cats can’t have lynx tippings to find a job somewhere. Coyote’s temperament makes even the most serious person laugh out loud. She is a hoot!! My husband gets a daily, full facial and haircut by her while laying on the floor mat and doing his stretches. (This replaced the barber during “covid”). Coyote has been fully health tested and had a healthy litter of 5 in 2021. Her gums and teeth are amazing! She produces true to breed type and will be kept here for several years, in order to further her HCM testing and try out different matings with her. Yes, there is a slight possibility she might have relation to my MW Poly cats from 2000. Mind you, after so many years and so far from the last location, they would be diluted down enough to consider them unrelated. 

By: Judith Schulz