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Malin Sundqvist

In Sweden, it is very common for both new breeders and long-time breeders to not have their own male.
We often go to each other for what you call stud service, this is a culture among us in Sweden.

But when you want to borrow a male, please make sure to do some background work by your self first.
If you are really new to this, ask your mentor for help, but please do not contact the male owner before you know a little bit more.
Examples I have all to often seen and heard from female-owners asking for a male:

There is plenty more from where those statements came from.
So start by looking on facebook or on homepages (I really prefer homepages with all the information easy to be seen), until you find a male you like...
Of course, if the pedigree is not available there is nothing wrong with sending a message or e-mail and ask for it.
When you what to borrow a male:

When contacting the owner of the male:

If you get a NO, respect that no one says no without good reason, sometimes there I reasons you cant see. You can ask if the breeder would like to tell you the reason, maybe there is a reason you can learn from, but ask in a way where it's possible for the breeder to not answer, sometimes it is hard to give an answer.
Maybe the answer will hurt? Maybe there is something the owner of the male just does not want to talk about right now?
Or whatever reason, sometimes we just have to be content with a no, and that no one is doing this without good reason. 

By: Malin Sundqvist